Who are Muller & Monroe

The Exponential Power of Relationships

M2 is named for two streets: Muller Street in St. Matthews, SC, and Monroe Street in Streator, IL.. While these hometowns of André Rice and Terence “Terry” Mulvihill differ greatly, they convey the deep connections to home, friendship, and trust strengthened over decades of collaboration.

Terry recruited André to Goldman Sachs in 1980 and their relationship blossomed. André believes it was fate—or maybe Terry saw “Rice” and thought he was a fellow Irishman. After leaving Goldman, André launched an asset management firm. Not surprisingly, Terry was the first to commit capital to M2.

In an age of technology and snap assessments, this bond is a reminder of the need—and value—of trusted connections and rich relationships. Two people’s lives intersect (like streets crossing) and the moment grows into a life-long friendship, profitable business ventures, charitable endeavors, and a whole lot of love, joy, and fun.

M2 is poised to harness the power of trusted relationships. Through our extensive and active web of relationships, we are able to perform offline due diligence in unmatched ways and augment our team’s deal sourcing and operating processes. M2 stands for that exponential power of relationships. It represents how we use our relationships to be better investors, good citizens, and outstanding individuals.