Mission Statement & Governing Principles

Our mission is to build a first-class alternative asset management firm that will deliver superior returns to our clients by producing creative and thoughtful products of the highest quality. These are our governing principles:


Our purpose, why we exist. If we stay true to our principles, we will be able to provide our clients, who entrust us with their most important assets, investment services that will benefit both current and future generations. We must always remember that without our clients, there is no M2.


Our most important asset. We will hire the best people who embrace our values. We will provide them with an environment where they feel valued and reward each person based on their contribution to our success. Diversity is a strength that we will always embrace. We will have compassion for each other, but will not use compassion as an excuse for accepting mediocre work or a violation of our core principles. We will treat all people fairly, although not always the same, since each person is unique.


Must never be compromised. We will operate our business in the highest professional and ethical manner, never creating any inference of dishonesty. We will represent our clients and compete for business consistent with all applicable laws and rules and in a manner that is honorable. We will zealously protect our business and personal reputations.


A never-ending quest. There is no substitute for the highest quality work possible; we will not make excuses when we fail to deliver. There will always be larger firms, but we aim to be the best. The day we stop trying to improve is the day we fall behind. We must never be complacent about our level of performance but continue to search for newer, better ways to operate our business and serve our clients.


Loyalty is a two-way street. We must cooperate with and support each other. It is most perfect when both parties have given their best to advance our mission while adhering to our principles and values. For those who give dedicated and diligent service, the Band will be there to support you, whether it be professional or personal.


We are a unique firm with a unique set of responsibilities. Among these responsibilities are being good members of the business, civic, and charitable communities. As much as time and resources will allow, we will strive to be leaders in these areas. We will encourage and support our people in their efforts to be good neighbors in the broadest sense.


We will win while adhering to our principles. We will never be induced to cut corners, despite what others might do. We will compete to succeed, but we will succeed without denigrating other firms. We will aim to win every time, but when we fall short of the mark, we will do so graciously. There will never be an excuse sufficient to justify failure. We will succeed!


Do What You Say You Will Do.